How do I change my password?
Log on to the Internet Banking platform, click “Settings” menu on the dashboard, select ‘change password’, input your old password and type in the new password. The related information by the right will serve as a guide in choosing your new password.
How much account information can I view at once?
The system will always default to show the last 10 transactions at login. You may change the dates to view by clicking ‘View Transactions’.
How do I get a token?
Download and Install “CoronationMB Token” from your mobile app stores (Available on Android and iPhones). Activate using your Online Banking credentials such as, username and security question
Do I require two-step authentication to authorise all transactions?
Transaction PIN: This is a 4-Digit PIN for completing daily transaction OR Token : This is generated from our app CMB Token and can be gotten from the app store.
How do I report a case of suspected fraud on my account?
• Step 1: select ‘contact us’ from the list of menus on the internet banking website. • Step 2: click on the ‘telephone’ icon and select a number to call from the list of telephone numbers given. • Step 3: Speak with the customer care representative and report the suspected fraud.
What do I do when I forget my password?
On the second log-in page containing the mutual authentication image, click on the ‘forgot password’ button. You will be taken through a five-stage process: Security information, validate reset code, set new password, Token Authentication and Summary. • Security information: you’ll be required to answer the security questions chosen by you during sign up. • Validate reset code: you’ll be required to input the reset code sent to your registered email address. • Set new password: input your new password • Token Authentication: input your token. • Summary page: This page will show if the process was successful or not.
Where can I view my account transaction history?
On your dashboard, click on the “Transfer” menu then click on the “Transfer Log” option from the dropdown. This will show you all the transactions you carried out on Internet Banking. Click on the ‘receipt’ link to either download or print transaction receipt.
How can I view my Account Statement?
Individual Customers: On your dashboard, click on the quick action dropdown menu. From the dropdown, select ‘account statement’. Choose the date range, account number and transaction type and click view. You have the option of exporting the statement as either an excel or pdf file. Corporate Clients From the dropdown list on ‘My Accounts’ menu, select ‘Account Statement’. Choose the date range, account number and transaction type. Then click on ‘view’. You can choose to either export to excel or pdf.
How do I reactivate my account?
Please contact customer resolution center on
Why do I get “Token Authentication failed” and how do I fix it?
Token Authentication occurs when there is a mismatch in the token inputted. Kindly contact Customer Service for token to be synchronized.
Do I need to contact the Bank when I change my phone?
Yes, this is part of security measures put in place by the Bank to ensure safety of our customers. Kindly reach out to the Contact Center or your Relationship Manager to update your token parameters when you change your phone.
What to do when I get "Maximum authentication attempts exceeded"?
contact the Coronation resolution centre ( or +234 01-2797640-43) to help resolve this issue
What to do when I encounter invalid username when setting up Coronation soft token?
please ensure that there is no space before and after the username before submission. Also ensure that there is internet on your mobile device when setting up Coronation soft token
How do I resolve token creation error?
Contact the customer service at ( or +234 01-2797640-43) to help clear your old token profile before setting up another one.
How to setup Coronation soft token on new phone for a customer that had a Coronation Soft token before?
Contact customer service ( or +234 01-2797640-43) that you want to install Coronation soft token on your new phone. The customer service agent will clear your old token profile and advise you to proceed with the Coronation soft token setup on your new phone.
Procedure: How to authorize bulk transfer for corporate users
Step 1: To authorize bulk transfers, Login to the internet banking platform and click on Bulk Transfer from the landing page or “Transfer” from the main menu dashboard to proceed. Step 2: Select NAPS and click on NEXT to view all pending and completed transfers. Step 3: Select any request with status “Pending Authorization” to view/validate transaction details Step 4: Enter a comment, input your token and approve. NB: Comments are optional for approval but mandatory when declining transactions
Procedure: How to initiate bulk transfer for corporate users
Step 1: Click on Bulk Transfer on landing page or “Transfer” from the main menu dashboard and select “Bulk Transfer” to proceed. Step 2: Choose bulk transfer type and click on Next. Step 3: Click on new transfer Step 4: Download the bulk transfer template excel file by clicking by the button “download file” Step 5: Click on the list of banks on NAPS platform to see the list of banks and their corresponding bank code. Step 6: Fill the excel file using the template format given then upload Step 7 : Click on the check box with comment ‘Please be reminded that payments above N100 million will be processed via the NAPS platform, while those below the threshold will be processed via the NIBSS Instant Payment (NIP) platform. Standard charges apply. Tick the box to proceed Step 8: Validate the transaction details, input the token and click on submit. The transfer will be added for authorization.
Can someone log into my account without my knowledge?
No. Once someone attempts to log in to your account, you are notified via email and text. If you did not initiate the activity, you can quickly contact our customer center on or on 01-2797640-43
How do I know my account officer?
Send an email to requesting for your relationship manager and you will receive the details of same.
How do I carry out interbank transfers?
Select the transfer menu from the list of menus on your internet banking account. From the drop-down icon select interbank transfer. For Transfer Type, select NIP and click next. You will be taken to the beneficiary list where you can add beneficiaries by clicking the ‘new beneficiaries’ button or make a transfer by selecting pre-registered beneficiaries.
What are the features of Online /Mobile Banking?
You can securely access your account information quickly and easily - 24/7 and do the following: • Check your account balance • View account statements • Transfer between own accounts • Funds transfer to other accounts in Coronation Merchant Bank (Intra Bank Transfer) • Funds transfer to other bank accounts within Nigeria (Inter Bank Transfer) • Card management • Cheque management
Where is your head office located?
Victoria Island, Lagos
How many branches do you have?
3 branches
Where are your branches located?
Abuja, Lagos and PortHarcourt
Will I be able to view my account on internet banking if my account is Dormant or Inactive?
No, if your account is Dormant or inactive, you won’t be able to view your account(s) on the internet banking platform.